Case Studies

Here are few of the projects we successfully completed. That should give you an example of what you can expect from our collaboration.

Case 1. Reinventing Supply Chain

Unique collaboration engine, which allows real-time communication. We developed a sophisticated data and work sharing system, implementing chain of trust with clear distribution of responsibility. This is our most challenging, ambitious and disruptive project, aiming at changing the world. We went live with the first working version in May 2017, well ahead of the original schedule. Today we are actively developing it, making exciting new world our reality, so stay tuned for the news!

Container Architecture

Container architecture based on Docker Swarm for maximum security and performance, including on-premise deployment option


Blockchain-like distributed ledger for sharing contractual data between tenants

Open API

100% of the platform functionality is exposed via Open API specification, supported by an API Gateway and API Marketplace

Tableau Integration

Powerful and completely extendable Business Intelligence engine via integrated Tableau Server

CRM and Subscription

Customer management and flexible subscription platform based on Salesforce and Zuora

Mobile App

Role-based mobile application for Android and iOS for bi-directional real-time communication

Case 2. Counterfeit Protection

A simple yet tough-as-a-nail solution for cryptographic protection of goods, used primarily in luxury industry.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture leveraging a wide range of Amazon AWS services for maximum availability at minimal expense

Smart Cards

We developed our own firmware for programmable NXP smart cards, creating industry-leading cryptographic brand protection solution

Mobile App

Multi-platform mobile application for goods identity verification, focusing on efficient UX

Case 3. Rapid IoT Deployment

A prototype for the large hotel chain, deploying HVAC and presence sensors at a record pace, leveraging private LoRa networks. With thousands of hotels scattered across the world, the key to success was scalability and effortless sensor provisioning.

Multitenant SOA

Scalable and robust service-oriented IoT architecture, securely handling multiple internal customers

Private LoRa Network

Private LoRa network based on Multitech Conduit gateways, simplifying hotel-wide communication

Big Data

Integration with an enterprise data lake and state-of-the-art analytics algorithms with Apache Spark MLib