Case Studies

Here are few of the projects we successfully completed. That should give you an example of what you can expect from our collaboration.

Case 1. Counterfeit Protection

A simple yet tough-as-a-nail solution for cryptographic protection of goods, used primarily in luxury industry.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture leveraging a wide range of Amazon AWS services for maximum availability at minimal expense

Smart Cards

We developed our own firmware for programmable NXP smart cards, creating industry-leading cryptographic brand protection solution

Mobile App

Multi-platform mobile application for goods identity verification, focusing on efficient UX

Case 2. Rapid IoT Deployment

A prototype for the large hotel chain, deploying HVAC and presence sensors at a record pace, leveraging private LoRa networks. With thousands of hotels scattered across the world, the key to success was scalability and effortless sensor provisioning.

Multitenant SOA

Scalable and robust service-oriented IoT architecture, securely handling multiple internal customers

Private LoRa Network

Private LoRa network based on Multitech Conduit gateways, simplifying hotel-wide communication

Big Data

Integration with an enterprise data lake and state-of-the-art analytics algorithms with Apache Spark MLib