Advanced IoT Solutions

Here's where real innovation starts, and that's what we like doing most, because we create great stuff and push the boundaries together with you

Distributed microservice architecture

Asset provisioning (ATIM temperature sensors)

Blockchains and distributed ledgers

Real-time asset state monitoring (Connit HVAC sensors)

iOS, Android and Windows Phone UIs

Administrative user interface

  • API gateways and marketplaces
  • Constrained applications on MCUs
  • State-of-the-art business intelligence
  • Scalable container architectures
  • True serverless architectures
  • Desktop clients, with and without GUI
  • NFC commnication
  • Video stream management
  • Connectivity and authentication provisioning
  • 6LoWPAN, Thread, ZigBee and BLE
  • Edge intelligence and fog computing
  • Various Machine Learning use cases
  • Mathematical Statistics and models
  • Distributed transactions (X/Open XA)
  • Advanced GIS system integration
  • Creating private clouds
  • Co-development and distributed teams