Base IoT Solutions

We start with a base package, which is 80% standard and includes the most common set of functions, that we find in most of the IoT projects

Asset management and provisioning

Typical use case: There are few dozens of ATIM ACW temperature sensors installed in a hotel. The sensors communicate with a MultiConnect Conduit gateway via private LoRa network. In order to start receiving data the gateway has to be aware of each sensor (AppEUI, DevEUI, AppKey). For this it maintains bi-directional connection with an IoT platform, where the sensors are provisioned via installer's mobile app. This efficient and intuitive mechanism enables rapid sensors installation in hundreds of hotels around the world. Tools used: PTC ThingWorx Core, ThingWorx Edge Microserver, IBM Node Red.

HTML5 web interface

Typical use case: Electronic irrigation controllers became indispensable in the modern farming. Responsible for steady supply of water and fertilizers, those devices have great impact in the fields. Most of such controllers are equipped with some sort of an LCD screen, which is useful as a backup solution but hardly qualifies as an efficient user interface. One of the best ways to control them remotely (especially on the large scale) is a SCADA-like visualization system, updating all important parameters on a single large screen in real time. HTML5 greatly simplifies its configuration and maintenance. Tools used: PTC ThingWorx Core.

Other Examples
  • HTTP communication
  • Basic real-time asset dashboard
  • Customer management
  • User management
  • Login and security